4.2 (6)

The Kanger Evod battery is Kanger’s version of the standard eGo style battery, which is the most popular e-Cigarette battery style. This battery is able to be used with any atomizer utilizing eGo or 510 threading.

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4.2 (2)

The SMOKTech eGo-style battery comes in multiple colors and sizes, including 350 and 450 mAh designs, which most manufacturers don’t carry in their SMOKTech eGo line of batteries.

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3.4 (1)

This is the smallest and most compact battery offered by Joyetech.

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4.1 (2)

This is SMOK's version of the eGo-C Twist battery.

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4.4 (12)

This battery offers all the same features as the eGo-C, but adds on a 'spinner' variable voltage feature.

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